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Together we can change the lives of people behind bars

My name is RJ, and I’m on a mission to make a difference in the lives of those incarcerated. 

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My journey has been like Joseph’s in Genesis. What many intended for harm, God chose to use for good. In my book I share how even in the worst circumstances, God works all things according to His will.

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Support our efforts to help those in prison and recently released with clothing, food, mental health counseling and treatment, hygiene products, gifts like Bibles, fresh roasted coffee, and other meaningful gifts that communicate love and hope.

I love sharing my story

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My heart for speaking is to share that God is still in the miracle business. My journey and testimony point back to our amazing and awesome God!

What we Do

Bringing hope and support to the church behind bars

I have two main goals within Not My Will Ministries:

– The first is to educate the community that God is still in the miracle business and that there is a group of men in prison who need to know they are loved and not forgotten. 

– The second is to support and encourage the men inside to find their purpose and value as it aligns with their relationship with Jesus Christ, not their circumstances.

The problem to solve

The United States is leading the world in the number of those incarcerated. I am not trying to solve the pandemic that is the incarceration population, rather my goal is to love and encourage those who are incarcerated. God loves them, has a plan and purpose for them, and their value is NOT defined by their circumstances.

how i plan to tackle this

My plan is to create opportunities in the community where I will speak to businesses, churches, organizations, and ministries about how God Doesn’t Waste a Thing.

Some of the ways that I will be encouraging communities to get involved will be:

  • Invite them to step into their calling
  • Challenge themselves to attend a Bible Study in prison
  • Become a volunteer for prison ministry
  • Adopt an inmate personally to take a more active role in being a part of the solution


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I would love to come share my story with your church, business, organization, or ministry. Send me some information on your event and I’ll get back with you soon.

I’ve already spoken in churches and gala venues across the country touring with New Horizons Ministries. 

My heart is to share more about the miracles that God performed in my journey through prison. 

All for His glory!  


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Skip ahead to 40:02 to hear my story spoken at a church in Ohio.

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